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If you're selling products or services into the Australian B2B marketplace, we have the system you need to empower your marketing and drive sales revenue like never before.

We call it the "Pipeline Machine" and it's what every B2B company needs to win more new business, more effectively, with superb visibility of the process for CEOs.

Our system can produce incredible results - like the Australian-owned software company, established 36 years, that's grown more than 4x larger in the last 5 years.

Auto-human hybrid

Marketing automation systems can work for things like high-traffic online stores but they're not right for selling B2B products and services. B2B marketing is strategic by nature.

A good BDM or sales representative can be worth their weight in gold (and cost almost as much). They are necessarily focused on what looks like low-hanging fruit. There's no counting lost business which went undiscovered, no realisation of fullest potential.

Lead generation campaigns can be used to provide BDMs with leads but they can also alienate potential customers (and damage your brand) with their superficial, nuisance-like approach. Lead generation is focused on call-based metrics, rather than building the meaningful, mutually productive relationships needed for successful B2B sales.

PPC advertising like Google AdWords can be used to drive traffic to your website but PPC costs are rising all the time. When the PPC budget can't keep up, inbound enquiries disappear. Our great expertise in organic SEO can drive quality traffic - people wanting to buy - but if the website is not designed to excite and facilitate lead-capturing, and offers of collateral and interactions are not compelling enough, most of the traffic is wasted.

The Pipeline Machine combines the best of human resources in mining for prospects, researching contacts, making introductions, leveraging collateral, and bringing leads into the sales process (BDM or sales representative). Although the process is very 'human', there is an elegant degree of automation running throughout. The automation allows crystal-clear visibility for management with the ability to see every interaction happening in the sales pipeline, and a drill-down dashboard view of how sales $$$ are shaping up in real-time.

Let us explain how it

There's a lot of 'secret sauce' in how the Pipeline Machine has been formulated and fine-tuned to bring about success. We don't want to give too much away over the internet. What we do that's so special may soon become part of your company's competitive edge.

It's the sales pipeline re-imagined with delighted CEOs and BDMs in mind

Here's what we can tell you, just for starters. We can either:

Teach you how to land more fish

Sometimes we help a company to optimise its own marketing, pre-sales, and sales resources and processes. From lead generation strategy and collateral development to the implemention of systems for control, automation, and visibility of the entire sales process - even internal workshops and staff training - it's the sales pipeline re-imagined with delighted CEOs and BDMs in mind.

Land more fish for you (forever)

Other times we work with a company long-term as its permanent bolt-on marketing and pre-sales department. We handle everything from finding and attracting potential leads to delivering potential sales into the pipeline, the human-flavoured automation of the proposal-writing and follow-up process, and the collaborative systems to ensure smooth handover and delivery or implementation.

More time for your personal B2B relationships, negotiations, and handshake deals

With the Pipeline Machine pumping more sales opportunities into the business, BDMs and sales representatives can get on with what they do best, and CEOs can get on with decision-making knowing what sales-revenue positions are likely to be in the future, where growth is coming from, and how it's all being generated.

Let’s talk about building great waves of sales revenue...